White Writable Agenda Mug

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If you have meetings, appointments and daily plans that you shouldn't miss, it's worth keeping an eye on them. Even when you take a coffee break… If you drink your coffee with a mug that is designed as an agenda and can be written, then you have solved this problem. The White Writable Cup will take its place in your daily life in more possible scenarios. “2 Sugar!” To the tea maker who forgets how many sugar you want for your tea every time. To write the note, to play Hangman while on a smoking break, or any time you need to take a quick note, just remember that the mug is not just a porcelain mug. If you are hesitant to remember it, you can write it down on the White Writable Mug too! You can write on the Writable Mug with a pencil, erase it with an eraser or water and make new notes. Daily timeline, date and note sections are available on the cup.

Material: Porcelain
Size: 13 x 9 x 12 cm
Capacity: 460 ml

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